Some of the features in SharePoint Navigator (version 1.1):

  • Drag & Drop Files and List Items
    • To/from computer, from SharePoint Online, SharePoint 2013, 2016, and 2019
    • To SharePoint from SharePoint (copies column data)
    • Copy document and list item versions *
  • Edit Text Fields**
  • Navigate Folder Structure
  • Site Structure
  • View/Open files in Safari
  • Create Folders
  • Create List Items
  • Delete Files, Folders, and list items (e.g. “Move to Recycle Bin”)
  • Login with multiple accounts simultaneously
  • View browsed metadata while off-line
  • Configure the columns to be displayed in each list/library viewSort by column

There are many migration tools available for SharePoint. This application adds a tool to the Macintosh, where something like this has been missing. The intention is for the application to work in a very similar way as Apple’s Finder. This makes migration, as well as copying and managing files, very easy for anyone familiar with Apple’s Finder.

[*copying versions are currently only enabled for SPO and 2019] [**other fields will be editable in the future]